Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Lego creation: High speed Sharp Shelter

My name is Redd and I am 5 years old. I enjoy making fabulous things with my Lego. I thought I could do a blog and show you my creations! My Mummy is writing this, but it is in my words.

 This is a high speed sharp shooter. The propel la at the front makes it go very fast. The baddy in the middle is being looked after by the 2 men at the side.

The White spiky things at the front are in star wars. When R2D2 fly's to the sky they help him

The goodies have hats so when the baddies shoot bombs they bonce off of them and only get the baddy.

It can fly, go on water and under water. It is made out of Lego and is really cool.

My mummy took photos from all different angles to show my Lego creation properly.

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